TruckToMe Food Truck Locator App Released In Washington, DC

January 04, 2013

Now available on the iTunes App Store, TruckToMe is the best app for finding your favorite food trucks in the Washington DC region. TruckToMe works by watching the Twitter handles of over 100 DC area food trucks and tracks where they check in to new locations and when they mention DC area food truck hot spots such as Union Station and Farragut Square. Unlike similar apps, TruckToMe provides an easy interface and faster speed that makes finding the best food trucks easy for all users.

Upon opening the app, users see their current location and a list of active food trucks ordered from closest to farthest with each truck’s approximate distance included. Users may tap a food truck in the list to reposition the map to the truck’s location, and users can drill-down further into the truck’s information to learn more about any specific truck.

“The issue with other food truck locator apps is they are hard to use and too slow to be useful. Our app changes that by providing hungry food truck fans a quick way to look at what options are available to them and more food truck options,” said John Jones, TruckToMe’s creator.

With the first release of the app, TruckToMe is concentrated in the DC Metro area, but future plans include expanding the food truck app’s reach to cities across the country. TruckToMe’s founder John Jones also plans to partner with food trucks to include expanded information about each truck’s offerings.